Grove CrossFit is located in the Redlands, Mentone area with over 15 years of athletic training and knowledge. We have developed an intuitive CrossFit training program designed to help you improve all around health and fitness whether you’re a high school athlete, a retiree looking to stay active, or anybody in between.

Headed by Coach Jared Lara, with life experiences that iinclude high school football, boxing, kickboxing, cardio kickboxing instructor and a career with the US Forest Service as a wild lands firefighter. Jared also has had a long and highly decorated professional fighting career, as a former WBC, CMTA, and IKKC Muay Thai Champion, along with some MMA fighting experience.

Daniel Iracheta is the most recent Level One Crossfit Instructor at Grove Crossfit. Throughout his life, he has consistently engaged in athletic activities including football, soccer, and various physically and mentally demanding challenges that are required in the Marine Corps. He served 7 years in the Marine Corps and is currently a Sergeant in the Marine Corps Reserves. During those 7 years, he completed 2 tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. Daniel also completed 2 half marathons in December 2009 and 2010. Daniel’s genuine desire to help his athletes improve their fitness makes him a quality crossfit instructor. He excels in metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, and Olympic weight lifting, making him a well-rounded crossfit athlete and instructor. Additionally, he is passionate about the various components of crossfit and continues to seek knowledge to improve himself as well as his ability to help others achieve their fitness goals.

Grove CrossFit is the best way to get expert training for anyone who wants help to set and achieve fitness/heath goals and in many cases exceed those goals…


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